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Welcome to Bolams

We will deal with all your accident repair needs including Scratches and Dents in our fully equipped bodyshop.

Unfortunately accidents do happen. It may not be your fault, but one day your vehicle may be in need of a professional repair.

You will be faced with an important decision. Who will repair your car back to its original condition? As we are not under contract to any insurance company’s we are not restricted, therefore able to repair your vehicle to the high standard you expect every time.
Regardless of whom your insurance company is

Covid- 19 Details
We are now fully open, but continue to take the necessary precautions to protect your safety.

Our Services

Track Tyre

Tyres and Wheel Alignment

Buzzard Tyres has the complete facilities to replace, balance and fit tyres, for vans and cars. We offer a full 4 wheel aligment service as well.

Air Con

Air Conditioning

Vehicle manuafacturers recommend that you service or regas your car's system every 1-2 years. Here at Bolams we can carry this out for both R-34 & R-123yf gas types.

Insurance Approved 

Repairs for all Major Insurance Companies

We complete repairs for all insurance companies. We have specialist skills in the repair of Kia vehicles.


Classic Repairs

Bolam are specialists in repairing classic cars - call us today to discuss your requirements.


Sports and Executive Repairers

We are Specialist in High perfomance and supercars where special care and high quality is required


What is ADAS

Modern Cars are developing safety features at an unprecedented pace. The calibration costs can affect your estimate

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